Inspect Your Property For Roof Damage

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Roof Repairs and Inspection

A roof has to withstand the elements, and everything the British weather can throw at it all year round.

Minor roof damage can soon escalate causing major issues if it is not properly repaired soon enough.

The majority of roofs in the UK use either cement tiles or slate, with thatch or shingle tiles only used very rarely.

Because damage can soon escalate, you should make roof repairs to minor damage as soon as you notice it.

A roof is constantly under attack from the weather, extremes of heat and cold, frosts and ice, rain and wind as well as wildlife and plant life too.

The differing weather in the UK causes your roof to undergo a lot of different stresses.

Over time slates and tiles can crack and slip due to the expansion and contraction a roof goes through during the changing seasons.

In addition, animals often cause damage to roof spaces, which again can cause tiles and ridges to move, slip or be dislodged completely.

People only realize that their roof needs repair when tiles or slates are blown off the roof in stormy weather.

Small roof damage can soon escalate in bad weather

Wintertime and a good storm very often reveal damage that has occurred previously. All it takes is a strong gust of wind to get under loose slates or tiles and large sections of your roof can come crashing down to earth, causing even more damage than to just the roof itself.

Cement flashing around brickwork and chimneys is susceptible to moisture which will soon cause damage once it is allowed to penetrate the cement. These are often the first areas of a roof to need maintenance.

Other roof related problems usually involve either guttering or fascias. Wooden fascias can soon rot if exposed for too long to the elements, and that rot can quickly spread to the roof trusses causing an expensive problem.

Regular roof inspections and a little maintenance can save the expense of large repair bills in the longer term.

Maintaining your roof will protect the value of your property and your investment. A stitch in time quite often saves nine later on.

An annual inspection provides piece of mind and will allow your roof to easily withstand the worst of our winter weather in the years to come.

Knowing that your roof is secure and watertight will give you piece of mind, knowing that your home is safe from the worst the weather can throw at you.

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