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Paleo Diet Information

The Paleo diet is often also called the caveman diet or Paleolithic diet. Modern Agriculture changed our diet because it became necessary to mass grow cheap food in order to feed the growing population.Many bulk grown foods that we eat today including wheat, grains, legumes, dairy, maize and soya are not natural foods that we are designed to eat, they exist because we of the necessity to feed a growing population with a cheap source of food.

In order to prevent growing populations from starving, intensive farming developed hardy crops that were cheap and plentiful to feed the masses. Less consideration was given to the suitability of those foods to our delicate digestive systems.

Hunter-Gatherer’s, What Did They Eat?

We existed for many thousands of years, gathering foods we found or hunting for meat and fish. We are designed to be hunter-gatherers, eating nuts or berries for one meal, followed by maybe a fish the next day, or a rabbit, etc, then the next day some vegetables, or fruit. Your body produces a different enzyme depending on whether it is trying to digest proteins or carbohydrates.

Good & Bad Paleo Foods

Meals containing mixed food groups have only been eaten for the last 10,000 years or so, which is no time at all on an evolutionary scale and that is why so many people struggle to adequately digest their meals properly. Your stomach will try to generate different enzymes to breakdown each food stuff, but together these enzymes dilute each other and so your food will not be digested as well.

What Do You Need To Avoid

The Paleolithic diet is focused on avoiding all the modern foods that are not natural to our diet. Many of our modern foods that we assume are healthy are in fact not much good for us at all, these include; wheat, potatoes, grains, legumes, refines salts, dairy, refined sugars and refined oils.

Look what we've become!

Look what we’ve become!

Our bodies are not designed to eat these foods, which are mostly modern, and difficult for us to digest in volume. The refined foods are really difficult for us to digest and is in part responsible for the obesity epidemic that seems to be sweeping the developed world. You should stick to only organic, natural foods and avoid anything that has been processed in any way.

What did cavemen eat?

To be healthy, energetic and full of vitality, your diet should include; meat (organic naturally), fish, fruit, fungi, eggs, roots, nuts and vegetables. Hunter-gatherers would eat these foods as they found them rather than mixing them together as we do today. With the correct recipes it is still possible to combine these foods together to make delicious, healthy meals that you can easily digest.

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