Solar lighting For The Garden

Solar Garden Lighting Guide

Solar lighting is more cost efficient than ever and is a free way to provide ambient illumination outdoors.

Mains powered lighting normally incurs much higher installation costs than solar powered lighting. Positioning your solar lighting can be easier and more practical than mains powered lights.

In the past few years solar technology has advanced quickly.

The use of LED bulbs in solar units has improved the quality of the light emitted considerably. Solar lighting used to need substantial direct lighting in order to charge properly. The latest solar technology is more efficient at harvesting energy. This technology is set to continue improving and becoming even more efficient in the next few years.

The available designs and styles of outdoor solar lighting are varied. Lanterns with wall mounting. Hanging or post type lights. Lots of different styles of fairy light strings. Flush mounted decking lights, recessed into the deck timbers. Solar security lighting with PIR motion sensors. Many solar lights have the energy panel built into the top of the light.

Others have a wired solar panel that can then be positioned in the best location to attract the maximum amount of light. The type you choose will depend on the application and your circumstances because they each have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Integrated light units often have smaller solar panels and so require more light in order to function well.

solar deck lighting installed

Subtle solar deck lighting

External panels, correctly positioned will charge lights faster and more reliably as they can be placed in the ideal location for maximum sunlight. Factory fitted rechargeable batteries should be replaced with high performance, quality batteries as their will allow your lights to function better. Your solar lights will be more efficient with high performance rechargeable batteries fitted.

Using Solar Correctly

It is important to position your solar lights correctly. Ideally, place your lights to get the maximum direct sunlight per day. Direct sunlight will charge your lights fastest, shady conditions will extend the charging time needed.

Shadows & shade will reduce the ability of your lights to charge effectively, so position them carefully. Improvements in solar panel and battery technology are the two biggest areas where we expect to see performance gains. Each year sales of solar light products is continuing to climb.

Solar energy reduces our reliance on the planets natural fuel reserves as well as making your energy bill cheaper.

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