Vaporizers and E Cigarettes

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Smoking and the Alternatives

Everyone knows the health risks associated with smoking and the increased risk of getting cancer. People who smoke have a far greater chance of dying of smoking related cancer. All over the world, the tobacco industry has significant political influence.

Electronic Cigarette Smoking and Taxation

It is ironic that the same government that tells us to stop smoking, raises over £12 billion annually in taxes on cigarettes. Alcohol is similar in that it raises billions in duty while being harmful to users. There is an increasing movement making lots of noise, voicing their concerns over the potential dangers of e-cigarettes and vaporizers. Less than 200 people die annually in work related accidents and yet we have comprehensive health and safety laws to protect them. Meanwhile, over 100,000 people die from smoking related disease and the government accepts those deaths because of the revenues they generate.

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The £12.1 billion raised from tobacco duty would have to be found elsewhere if all smokers quit tomorrow. It appears that the government will only protect people if it suits their finances.

E-Cigarettes and Possible Regulation

At some point, if enough smokers switch to vaporizer devices, the government will need to regulate them so that they can impose duty on e-liquid. As vaporizers are regulated, the smaller specialist suppliers will be forced out by the industries giants. The main argument for regulation of e-cigarettes will be health based, while the practicalities indicate that lost tobacco duty needs to be raised from somewhere. The only reason for the regulation of e-cigarettes will be to enable tax to be levied on e-liquid.

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Opponents to Electronic Cigarettes

Two industries will be affected by the growing popularity of e-cigarettes, the tobacco industry and the smoking cessation industry. A vaporizer or e-cigarette will give you a satisfying hit on inhalation, unlike nicotine patches or gum. The tobacco suppliers don’t want to lose customers to e-cigarettes, however, they can’t present a credible argument based on health concerns. There are rumours within the industry that tobacco lobbyists are supporting the smoking cessation industries campaign against electronic devices.

Potential Government Legislation

The government runs the risk of seeing its tobacco duty income fall if e-cigarettes continue to grow in popularity and one way or another they need to generate £12 billion a year from nicotine addicts. It isn’t very difficult to make e-liquid from easy to obtain ingredients. This means that if “regulated” e-liquid were to be taxed, it would be quite easy for users to avoid paying that duty by making their own e-juice.

If the level of duty on e-liquid is too high then people will start to produce their own from easily sourced high street ingredients. Many smokers are happy to try smoking a cheaper cigarette regardless of where it comes from. It is highly unlikely that e-cigarettes and vaporizers will escape regulation completely. Being able to tax e-liquid and electronic smoking devices is the only way that they will be allowed to continue to be sold in the longer term.

E-cigarettes are a safer nicotine delivery method than smoking tobacco, with far less harmful ingredients. Despite this, if e-liquid can’t be taxed then it will be more likely that they will be banned instead. It seems unlikely that e-cigarettes and vaporizers will escape regulation. The success of the e-cigarette is the very thing that will force the government to introduce regulation and tax on e-liquid.

It is seeming inevitable that at some point in the near future electronic smoking devices will be regulated to give the treasury some control of lost tobacco duty. In the meantime, shop at for all your vaporizer supplies.

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